Marriage Equality

As a union, and also as part of the wider TUC, PCS was involved in campaigning and lobbying for marriage equality (also referred to as same sex marriage) as both the Scottish and Westminster governments consulted on the issue.

PCS believes the denial of marriage rights on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity is unjustifiable and symbolises a lower status for LGBT+ people in comparison to their heterosexual peers.

In 2013 our Annual Delegate Conference overwhelmingly carried two motions on the issue of equal marriage across the whole of the UK and welcomed the subsequent introduction of same sex marriage in England, Wales and Scotland.

Northern Ireland

Today same sex marriage rights continue to be blocked for our members, and the LGBT+ community, in Northern Ireland, despite majority public support as well as the recommendation of the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland in 2013.

The LGBT+ community of Northern Ireland have long had to fight harder and longer to achieve the same rights as other parts of the UK, for example it took an additional 15 years, and the European Court of Human Rights, to secure the decriminalisation of male homosexuality in Northern Ireland.

As an affiliate of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, PCS continues to support the push for same sex marriage rights for our members in Northern Ireland as part of the Love Equality NI campaign. Members in England, Wales and Scotland can also help support the campaign by signing the Love Marriage and Amnesty International petition.

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