Bi Visibility Day

First held in 1999, 23 September is the annual Bi Visibility Day which celebrates bisexuality, bisexual history, communities and culture.

The Bisexual, or Bi, community often faces discrimination from both mainstream culture but also from others within the LGBT+ community, much of this rooted in misinformation and ignorance.

Bi Visibility Day is aimed at addressing these issues and educating the wider population about bisexuality and tackling the prejudice which exists against bisexual individuals.

Proud, and PCS, recognise that some issues relating to bisexual individuals are different to those experienced by the lesbian, gay and trans community and that more needs to be done to address this. As part of this Proud’s National Committee has a seat for a Bi Members Rep who ensures the voices of our Union’s Bi members are represented in our work.

Together we want to promote discussion and better understanding of Bisexuality and ensure that Bi members are treated as equally as each of our other under represented members.

You can find more information, including local events, on the Bi Visibility Day website.

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