Intersex Awareness Day

Observed on 26 October, Intersex Awareness Day is a day aimed at highlighting the human rights issues faced by the Intersex community around the world.

The day is intended to help end the shame, secrecy and unwanted cosmetic surgeries carried out against intersex children and the wider intersex community.

Intersex refers to those born with variations in their sexual characteristics, including chromosomes, hormones or genitalia, so as to be out with the traditional XY-male or XX-female characteristics.

On discovery of an intersex trait many intersex people have faced issues including infanticide, abandonment and stigmatisation. For others they may be subjected to treatment that can include surgical or hormonal interventions and can involve being sterilised.

Intersex Awareness Day is aimed at challenging such practices and to encourage greater acceptance of Intersex people, to provide greater autonomy for Intersex individuals and challenge unacceptable practices being carried out on Intersex children.

You can find more information on being Intersex and Intersex Awareness Day on their website.

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