Trans Day of Remembrance

The International Trans Day of Remembrance, commonly referred to as TDoR, takes place on November 20th each year and is observed to remember those in the Trans community who have been the victim of transphobic hate and violence, much of which continues today.

In recent years there has been an escalation in the debate around Trans equality which has resulted in increased awareness of the issues faced by the world-wide Trans community.

Since 2008, more than 100 murders of Trans people have been recorded in Europe alone with many more reported around the world with many more likely unreported through misgendering and misreporting in countries where transphobic attitudes remain rife.

TDoR sees events take place around the world where the Trans community and its allies come together to pay their respects in remembrance of those no longer with us and to recommit to tackling the transphobic attitudes which lead to such loss.

PCS believes that everyone has a right to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of gender and/or gender identity, and encourages members to stand with Trans members and the wider community in challenging transphobia wherever it occurs.

You can find more information, including the names of those lost, on the TDoR website.

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