Trans Day of Visibility

First held in 2009, 31 March is observed as the annual International Trans (or Transgender) Day of Visibility.

It is a day dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of the discrimination that is still faced by the trans community around the world.

Each year hundreds of trans people are killed, with the likely possibility of many more going unreported due to non reporting or misgendering of victims in countries which discriminate against their LGB and Trans communities.

Supporting Trans Members

PCS believes that all Trans members deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in their workplaces and in their communities and stands opposed to all forms of transphobic hate or discrimination.

PCS, as agreed by Annual Delegate Conference in 2017, supports the full implementation of the Westminster Woman and Equalities Committee ‘Transgender Report’ which provided over 30 recommendations on improving Trans equality in the UK.

Our Union believes that the current Gender Recognition Act should be reformed to remove the current medicalised approach in order to grant more personal autonomy to Trans individuals themselves, as well as providing greater protections for those who identify as non-binary (individuals who do not distinctly identify as exclusively male or female).

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