Young Members' Newsletter

Welcome to the latest young members’ newsletter. It's produced 4 times a year and is written by young members for young members.

If you want to get involved in young members’ activities and are aged 27 or under, contact to be added to the network or for more information or get in touch with your convenor.

In this issue:

From the chair
We are living in our “new normal” and our struggles and anxieties continue. Young Workers’ Month 2020 [an annual event for union members aged 27 or under] is fast approaching and unfortunately, we can’t be out and about promoting it, however we do have some plans to put out content during this period.

Tate workers’ strike
Robert Eagleton shines a light on what has been happening with PCS members working at the Tate – many of them are young workers - having taken 42 days’ of strike action to defend their jobs. While Covid-19 has damaged the Tate’s finances, PCS has argued that redundancies are unconscionable while the Tate continues to pay some senior managers in excess of £100,000.

Put a young member on your bargaining side
A vital question for every trade union is how to best engage young members, and equip them to become committed lifelong reps? For me, the answer was much the same as any other activist: I want to see the union fighting and winning, and I want to know how to help.
Fiona Britten explores the benefits of getting young workers engaged with the union.

Covid-19 and mental health
Megan Hamblin, young members’ equality officer, shares her personal perspective on mental health, dealing with loss during Covid-19 and seeking support.

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