Young Members' Newsletter

Welcome to the latest young members’ newsletter. It's produced 4 times a year and is written by young members for young members.

If you want to get involved in young members’ activities and are aged 27 or under, contact to be added to the network or for more information or get in touch with your convenor.

In this issue:

From the chair
Mother, worker, trade unionist, Megan shares work and personal challenges, as well as being a part of history, now.

The Young Members Network – working with you
Erica Hawkin’s message to other young members: “your union is what you make it. There is more going on behind the scenes and we’d love for you to get involved with us.”

PCS – still winning
Throughout the pandemic, PCS has displayed the true values of a Trade Union and has also proven to its members, exactly what it can do when disaster strikes. Whilst it is impossible to detail every success, the Abe Allen of the Young Members Network has hand-picked four successes to share in this Newsletter.

Learning at home with PCS and partners
We have all faced different challenges during this pandemic.  While much has changed some things remain the same – but in a slightly altered format.  Many of the courses offered via PCS Academy [open to all members], have been moved to online platforms, while being delivered by colleges and tutors. And our unionlearn colleagues are also still offering learning sessions.

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