Disability Matters issue 1 2019

Welcome to the first digital edition of Disability Matters, the newsletter for disabled members in PCS. In this issue:

The disability pay gap
We talk about gender pay inequalities but there is also a disability pay gap and it doesn’t hit the headlines in the same way. Martin Birkett explores some of the hidden costs that disabled people face. Read more

Mental health and health and safety –
While mental health impairments are often looked at as an equality issue, under the protected characteristic of disability, there is a close relationship between the issue and health and safety as Andy Boylan explains. Read more

Guaranteed Interview scheme
What’s going wrong with the Guaranteed Interview Scheme? Stephen Finch explores some issues identified within the civil service. Read more

That’s crazy!
Susannah Drazin looks at the use of words surrounding mental health and how she views what is and isn’t acceptable when using words to describe mental health. Read more

Mental health is a young members’ issue too
Danielle Biscoe from the PCS National Young Members' Committee tells us why mental health conditions are becoming more of an issue for young people. Read more

Disability events calendar
A comprehensive calendar of upcoming disability events is available here.

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