PCS Women issue 1 2019

Welcome to the first digital edition of PCS Women, the newsletter for women members in PCS. It contains articles on some of the key issues for women and general PCS news.

In this issue:

National women’s forum
The NWF has had a busy year organising and campaigning around women’s issues. We set out the steps reps and members have taken. Read more

TUC Women’s Conference
The PCS voice was heard loud and clear at this year’s TUC Women’s Conference with delegates speaking on a wide range of subjects. Read more

Women’s voices at the branch executive committee
Women form over 60% of our members yet their voices are often silent at branch level. We set out how each branch can set up a women’s advisory committee ensuring that women are represented at every level within our union. Read more

A better class of woman for a lower rate of pay
This year marks 150 years of women in the civil service. We explore their journey. Read more

Women to the front – leadership seminar
The Women to the Front seminar was held in Scotland in 2018/9. We explore the content of the seminar and its impact. Read more


PCS Women welcomes contributions from all women members of PCS. All articles and ideas for articles should be forwarded to commissioning editor Karen Watts at karenw@pcs.org.uk headed 'PCS Women'.

Contributors to this issue: Karen Foster, Clare Hamer, Ruth Henderson, Zita Holbourne, Katie Leighton, Fiona MacDonald.

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