Black History Month

Black History Month 2020

Let Black History Month inspire you to get involved and support PCS by standing up to racism, challenging stereotypes and promoting equality today.

What is Black History Month?

Black History Month (BHM) is an opportunity to reflect, celebrate and focus on issues that affect Black people and the continued fight for race equality and challenge intolerance. 

PCS supports the work being done all year round by The website provides a wealth of resources, including interviews, articles and discussions on Black issues.

This year Black History Month is ‘Challenging the legacy of Colonialism and Enslavement’.

Through the work of the National Black Members Committee (NBMC), we explore the history of colonialism and enslavement and reflect on the issues faced today with the rise in racial incidents and intolerance across the world. 

Through the BHM 2020 posters and photo op cards, we discuss how Toussaint L’Ouverture led a successful revolt and resistance against those enslaved in Haiti.  He freed the colony and gave African ex-slaves the power to govern.  We continue to acknowledge the injustice of the Windrush scandal as well as join them in their fight for compensation.  We mourn the death of George Floyd who was brutally killed by a police officer in the USA on 25 May 2020.  We support Black Lives Matter global movement and campaign against racism in all its forms, particularly amid a pandemic which has seen Black workers and communities disproportionality impacted.

It is important during Black History Month to remember the contribution of black trade unionists through learning and absorbing their knowledge, reflecting on all achievements and most importantly, celebrating them, every month of every year.

Organising for Black History Month

We encourage PCS members to get involved in commemorating Black History Month, in as many different ways as possible.  Due to covid-19 restrictions, we appreciate Black History Month events and activities are likely to look very different this year.  Please see the list below of ideas to commemorate this important month.

  • Use the BHM photo op cards or posters and send pictures to 
  • Create your own 10 second video on what Black History Month means to you, send to: with your name and title to appear on screen
  • Register to attend PCS Black members virtual seminar on Saturday 3 October 10am – 3.30pm on Zoom.  For more information and to register: go to the Eventbrite page
  • Attend Facebook Live on Black History Month on Thursday 29 October 6pm – 7.15pm – look out for details on PCS social media
  • Let us know about what you are doing to commemorate the month and email details to:
  • Forward any suggestions or ideas for Black History Month to

PCS salutes those who throughout history have joined together to challenge racism, injustice and exploitation. All our members have a crucial part to play in spreading the message of trade unionism and campaigning collectively for equality, freedom and justice.

Please note, ‘Black’ is used in the political context to apply to people who are Asian, Chinese, African, African/Caribbean, Arabic etc. i.e. people from African and Asian Diaspora, including people of dual heritage.


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