Join the Protest Against Fascists in Liverpool

09 Dec 2018
North west

A group calling themselves, 'Mersey Nationalists' is planning a protest in Derby Square in Liverpool on Sunday, 9 December 2018. They say their protest is for 'anyone who can't make it' to fascist Tommy Robinson's demonstration in London on the same day.

Robinson and the 'Mersey Nationalists' say their demos are about a 'Brexit Betrayal', but they are about whipping up racism. Whatever way you voted, join us to opose fascists and the far right.

We call on everyone to support and attend the protest against the 'Mersey Nationalists' called by Unite Against Fascism Merseyside and Liverpool Stand Up to Racism.

Meet at Derby Square, Liverpool at 9.00am.

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Derby Square, Liverpool, L2 7NU

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