Mental Health Awareness

16 Nov 2017
Training course
North west

This one day course covers the following:

  • An overview of the scale and significance of stress and mental health issues at work and in society
  • The impact on individuals
  • Mental Health – what it is and why it matters
  • Explains the definition of a mental health problem
  • Considers why mental health and work is an issue 
  • Raises awareness of mental health issues
  • Improves your understanding and use of equality and health and safety law
  • Thinking about future learning aims around mental health at work

PCS members are welcome to attend but you must agree time off and any travel and subsistence expenses with your employer.  All applications must be sent on a PCS North West application form  to or by post to PCS, 3rd Floor Jack Jones' House, 1 Islington, L3 8EG.

Event Location

Event Address: 

PCS, 3rd Floor Jack Jones' House, 1 Islington, L3 8EG. 

Event Contact: 

Ann Ainsworth by email or by telephone: 0151 298 3900.

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