10 Apr 2018 to 11 Apr 2018
Training course

What is neurodiversity and what does the course cover?

The human race is very neuro-diverse, which is one of the things that make us such a wonderfully interesting species! What we also know is that some people – a lot of people in fact, undoubtedly including colleagues, friend, children, family members – will have an identifiable neuro-atypical condition, and this may sometimes require support. Conditions could include autism, Tourette’s, Asperger’s, dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and OCD.

What will the course teach me?

Janine’s approach uses the social model, which says that while many people have impairments or differences, their disability is caused by society putting barriers in the way of their equal and independent participation in society. The course focuses on identifying barriers and then removing them, looking at several case studies of workers who experienced discrimination. Participants work together to create a list of changes that workplaces could make in order to be more accessible to workers who are neuro-divergent, as well as adjustments that could be made for individuals.

You will learn what the law says about discrimination and how we can use it.

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145 West Regent Street, Glasgow

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Fiona Low, Education Officer for Scotland & NI

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