Organising 2 Win

20 Mar 2018 to 21 Mar 2018
Training course

This two-day course is designed for PCS branch reps who wish to improve union organisation in their workplaces and who may negotiate with management.

The aims of the course are to help you to:

  • gain a clear understanding of the organising approach to union activity and how that relates to building a strong union in your branch.
  • take an organising approach to Union activity (bargaining, learning and campaigning work).
  • improve key organising skills.
  • develop an organising plan (or recommendations to build on your existing plan) to take back to your BEC.
  • to look at best practice in negotiating techniques.
  • to develop planning skills.
  • to practice negotiations.

Event Location

Event Address: 

 145 West Regent Street, Glasgow

Event Contact: 

 Fiona Low, Education Officer for Scotland & NI

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