PCS Equality Event

19 Jan 2019
Equality event
North west

You may apply to attend this event for the whole day or just am or pm.  This event is to assist those with an interest in equalities to develop personal understanding of equality issues and to identify ways to become involved in practically promoting the equality agenda in the workplace and local community.

The event will commence at 10.00am and end at 4.00pm and there will be two workshops: Sexual Harrassment and Building, Winning, Growing. Guest speakers Janice Godrich, PCS national president and Fran Heathcote, DWP group president, will be talking about their experience as life-long union activists, the importance of the equality agenda and answering any questions.

Lunch will be provided. If have any dietary requirements please note this on the PCS NW application form, along with any partial attendance, and send it to NWTUED@pcs.org.uk.

Event Location

Event Address: 

Unison Building, Arena Point, 1 Hunts Bank, Manchester, M3 1UN

Event Contact: 

Mary Doolin or Ann Ainsworth - email nwtued@pcs.org.uk

Accessible venue

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