Sexual Harassment at Work Course

07 Jun 2019
Training course
London and the south east

This one-day course is aimed at PCS reps and will cover:

  • Why sexual harassment is a trade union issue.
  • The law and sexual harassment.
  • Supporting members affected by sexual harassment issues.
  • Developing workplace policies and practices.
  • Challenging workplace cultures which tolerate harassment.
  • Organising around equality.
  • Promoting the role of harassment champions.

Reps who complete this course may also be interested in delivering a 'bite-sized' one-hour version of this session in their workplace (to fellow reps and PCS members), which your tutor will summarise.

If you would like to attend please complete the Application form and return to LSE&

Event Location

Event Address: 

PCS HQ, 160 Falcon Road, London. SW11 2LN

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