Workplace Representatives Course

18 Jun 2019 to 11 Jul 2019
Training course
London and the south east

This newly-created course is a blend of two of our previous courses – New Representatives & Representing Members – with a curriculum aimed at newly appointed reps and union advocates.

Split into two 3-day segments (18-20 June & 09-11 July), this course covers essential approaches and techniques that underpin effective organising and bargaining set in the context of the contemporary trade union movement. This includes the role of the union rep in building the strength of the union, communications, effective negotiations and planning.

The comprehensive training and interim in-branch activities will give you the skills and knowledge to effectively represent your members, covering organising, campaigning, negotiating, equality, and more.

If you would like to attend please complete the Application form and return to LSE&

Please note: Since the new course curriculum blends the training provided from both of the previous classes, attendance for all sessions is required. We are aware this may cause some frustration for members who have already attended the New Representatives course. However, we feel the skills and knowledge gained from the interpersonal and team experiences will prove valuable for all Representatives and union Advocates. 

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PCS HQ, 160 Falcon Road, London. SW11 2LN

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