Exercise your democratic right to vote

We want every PCS member to have their say about who represents them and it is disappointing to see election turnouts of between 9% and 12% in recent years at national level. It is quite a straightforward process and a good turnout indicates a healthy level of participation.
National executive committee (NEC) elections are determined in the union’s rules and must be conducted by post (like the current pay ballot). This means reading the election statements of the candidates seeking election, filling out your ballot paper and posting it in the postbox. Many branches will issue a recommendation; if your branch doesn’t, you could ask your local rep if they have a recommendation to make, you don’t have to follow it but it is useful to know.
Group executive committee (GEC) elections tend to be online and again, you will be provided with election statements from the candidates. You will be emailed a link to vote online or told how to access the link, and encouraged to complete the process electronically. Again, many branches make recommendations to their members which are a useful indication but not a necessity.

Both sets of elections begin in April – NEC ballot runs 16/04 to 9/05/2019. GEC ballot runs 25/04 to 14/05/2019.
This year you will have seen lots of material advertising our national pay campaign. It is vitally important that members vote in this ballot as, unless members return more than 50% of the postal ballot papers issued by post, we cannot challenge the government on its continued pay policy to cap everyone’s pay at 1%. Whether or not you opted into the Employee Deal, it is this policy that prevents DWP being able to give members the increase you deserve.
The government has confirmed that it intends to continue the 1% cap across the civil service, despite it being lifted across the rest of the public sector, and so it is vital that every member votes (however you decide to vote is a matter for you) in order to challenge the government to break the cap.

Again the process is simple – complete the ballot paper which arrived in the post from 15 March onwards, put a cross in one of the boxes and post it in the letterbox, and remember, you haven’t voted until it’s posted. Pay ballot closes 29/04/19

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