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Who are we?

The FCO Branch has a Branch Executive Committee (BEC) elected by branch members within FCO (UK and overseas) and FCO Services annually in December. 

Each committee member serves for the duration of 1 year before stepping down or standing for re-election. 

All members in the FCO Branch are eligible to stand for election and to vote for candidates. 

The make up of the committee is:

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Organiser
  • 14 ordinary members (7 members from the Diplomatic Side and 7 members from the Home Civil Service)

We also field representatives for the Equality and, Health and Safety forums, and Disabled, Black and Young Members networks.

Because we have members all round the world, we also have a network of contacts covering as many overseas posts as possible, as well as departments in London and Hanslope Park.

These volunteers keep the committee in touch with what concerns posts and departments have, and also act as a face to face contact for union members throughout the network around the world.

View a list of FCO contacts.

What do we do?

At branch level, within FCO and FCO Services, we are involved in representing members’ views on new policies and procedures, or changes to existing ones, by negotiating with administration to ensure that, as members, your voice is heard and that wherever , whenever, the best possible outcome is achieved for you. 

How do we know what you views are? 

We consult with you, via email, members meetings, newsletters and any other medium appropriate. We actively seek your comments before we decide what line PCS will take in negotiations with our respective administrations in FCO and FCO Services.

We represent your views at the Annual Delegates Conference each year by voting on the motions according to your instructions – a mandating meeting is held before Conference each year to which all members are invited to attend and decide how the delegates should vote.

On a personal level PCS reps support members by offering advice on any work related issue including such issues as:

  • appealing appraisals
  • negotiating repayment terms for overpayment of allowances
  • disputes over flexi-working
  • reasonable adjustments for disabilities
  • performance improvement procedures,
  • gross misconduct and dismissal cases. 

When you are a PCS member you not only have the support of local reps, you have the support of PCS team of legal advisers and experts in all areas of employment law. 

When you are a member of PCS, you are a member of the largest recognised union within FCO and together we do make a difference.

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