About us

The PCS Forestry Commission Group is the section of the union which represents PCS members who work in the Forestry Commission. The group's purpose is to provide framework through which we as PCS members in the FC can work together to represent our interests and have our say on the issues that affect us at work.

Either on our own, or working alongside the other unions in the FCTU, we:

  • Negotiate changes and improvements to our terms and conditions of service.

  • Lobby senior managers and ministers over issues of concern to us; such as land disposals.

  • Support members who have a grievance or are involved in disciplinary action.

How we're organised

Most of us in the FC work in fairly small offices with just a few dozen or less colleagues; about two-thirds of whom are likely to be a member of a union. Nearly all FC offices of this size will have a PCS Workplace Contact; a colleague who has volunteered to act as a link between the PCS members in your workplace and the rest of the union. They may also cover other locations such as any smaller outstations. Workplace contacts play a number of different roles such as:

  • Recruiting new members,

  • Circulating information,

  • Collating local views on an issue,

  • Maintaining a union noticeboard,

  • Providing basic advice.

If you have a question that you would like answered or a work-related concern that you would like help with, then a good starting point is your workplace contact. If they can’t help you, then they should know someone who can! If you don’t know who your workplace contact is, then either ask a colleague or contact the unions’ office in Silvan House on 0131 314 6195.

How to get involved

Although the union has some full-time reps who deal with some of the specialist issues such as pay negotiations and representing members at employment tribunals, the bulk of union work is done by individual members and volunteers—like all of us.

Much of the work of the union can be divided into small easy tasks which will not take up much time and can be tailored to suit your interests. If you are interested in getting involved in the work of the union, then there is a wide variety of activities and roles which you might like to consider:

  • If you can only have a few minutes per week, then perhaps you could act as a workplace contact, or assist your contact by keeping the noticeboard up to date, or collating views on a current topic of concern.

  • If you are interested in helping others, then one of the most rewarding roles can be to help and support other members who might, for example, have become involved in disciplinary action or a grievance. Full training and support can be given to help you undertake this role.

  • If you would like special training in health and safety paid for by the union and attended during work time, how about volunteering as a H&S rep?

  • If you prefer working ‘behind the scenes’ and are able to attend a few meetings per year, then perhaps you could volunteer to take the minutes at branch meetings, or help organise some campaigning work.

  • If you are interested in organisational change, then how about working with the other unions to liaise with managers on the local or regional staff council.

However much time you have available and whatever your interest, there’s a role for you in the union. if you would like to know more then please speak to your workplace contact or your branch secretary.

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