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Welcome to the latest edition of the newsletter from the PCS National Black Members’ Committee. As we go to print we are weeks away from a general election which will have profound impact on our members.  A Jeremy Corbyn-led government will ensure many PCS policies will be implemented by a Labour government. Both Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have been long standing supporters of our union and are committed to defending our members. Over the next few weeks please encourage colleagues and family members to vote and if you have time join the campaign in your community. Whatever your views on Brexit we cannot sit out this election.

We have just witnessed Black History Month in October, I was proud to attend the DFE Black History Month event in Manchester, where I talked about the struggle for black history to be recognised.  There was a great turnout and the delegates ensured I was robustly questioned.  I was also honoured to chair the Black History Month event in Liverpool. This was held to launch the NW Black Members’ Network and we saw a great turnout and a great speech from the city’s first Black Mayor, councillor Anna Rothery, she talked about her journey and the struggles she has faced; it was truly inspiring to have here there and she was so honoured that she was featured in our 10 facts about Black History Month.

Also in October we had our annual black members’ seminar which was held in Birmingham.  It was great to hear from Mark Serwotka and our new president Fran Heathcote. The thing that always inspires me is the fact that our senior leadership team have been members and understand the challenges we face. It was great to meet so many new members and we recruited 14 advocates, not bad from a delegate list of 40. We had a panel discussion on tackling the far right and defeating Islamophobia and anti-Semitism and it was inspiring to hear delegates tell us their most rewarding achievements.

As we come towards the end of the year I want to wish those that celebrate this religious occasion merry Christmas and I wish a prosperous new year to all. 

As always I am keen to hear your feedback and if you want to get in touch please email

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