Get ballot ready

4 simple steps to getting ready

We want PCS to be as democratic as possible and that means asking as many members as possible to get involved. If you don’t like the way something is done, you have the chance to get involved and change things.
At this time of year, PCS will have issued lots of material encouraging its members to vote in the elections, both national executive committee (NEC) and departmental group (DWP). We need as many members as possible to participate in all of our ballots and elections.
Future ballots
The NEC elections and ballots for industrial action are carried out postally and every PCS member in every department will get a ballot paper to their nominated ballot address.
Action point 1: Is my ballot address correct on the PCS membership records? Do I receive PCS post to that address?
If not, speak to a local rep, contact PCS today or update your details on our web form.
Action point 2: Check my personal email address is registered with PCS and up to date. Do I receive PCS emails at this email address?
Action Point 3: Find out when my branch is holding its next meeting and try to attend. It’s a really good way of finding out what the big issues are on PCS’s agenda and getting more involved.
We all need a pay rise
This Conservative government has introduced legislation which means we have to achieve a voting turnout of more than 50%. PCS ran a consultative ballot in 2017 over pay. Many of our historic ballots were won on a turnout of much less than 50% so we knew that we had a lot of work to do to beat the 50% threshold.
A national ballot is a big task and so a consultative ballot gave PCS the opportunity to test members’ willingness to vote to take action. We achieved a fantastic result:
When asked whether the pay cap should be scrapped, 98.9% said yes
When asked if members are prepared to take action, 79.2% said yes
The turnout was 48.8% so we came very close to beating the threshold.
We have never had such a high turnout before in a national ballot so the result told us that with an extra push, the 50% threshold can be beaten. What was clear though was that in DWP, proportionally less members voted due to the Employee Deal.
Our message is clear, DWP members must be a big part of the pay campaign and we must smash the 1% cap like everyone else in order to achieve better pay for all of our members. This is the answer to addressing the pay concerns of our members. If PCS move to a statutory ballot, the task for us all in DWP is to vote, and ask our friends and colleagues to vote.
Action point 4: When the time comes, having ensured my address and contact details are up to date, make sure I vote in any pay ballot and encourage colleagues to vote too. If they are not yet PCS members, encourage them to join.
That’s it, by following those 4 simple steps, you are ‘ballot ready’ and an active member who participates in PCS’s democratic processes. Congratulations.

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