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As we step up the fight on pay, we will soon be balloting for action to get the pay rise we deserve.

The group executive committee held members’ meetings across the UK last year and thousands of you attended. We told you that HMRC had failed to meet our reasonable demands for a fully-funded pay rise and the department had told us that the next pay deal would only be funded above 1% if we agreed to changes to your contracts.

Changes to contracts would be likely to be detrimental to your existing terms and conditions and we had witnessed a similar proposal – driven by the same Cabinet Office ‘expert’ – put to members in the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). The MoJ proposal included increased working hours, weekend working, reduced public holidays, early morning and late evening working on demand with no pay premia and cuts to sick pay. You made it absolutely clear that you were not prepared to exchange your hard-won terms and conditions in exchange for a pay rise.

We know what’s at stake and we know we can win. We only have to look to PCS members working for the Scottish Government who received pay increases of around 5% thanks to their campaigning.

There are some things that every member can do to help us build for the ballot and build our union. We need to recruit as many non- members as possible and we know that the best people to do that are the PCS members who are sitting beside them. So why not have a chat with your colleague to find out if they’re a member and, if they’re not, encourage them to join.

Make sure your personal details are correct because we need your e-mail address so we can send you important information that we can’t send via HMRC systems and we need your postal address so we can send you a ballot paper.

Attend any meetings organised by your local reps and see what you can do to help with the campaign. This could be by leafleting, helping to contact members by phone to remind them to vote during the ballot period or sharing information on social media. You might even consider getting active as a rep or a PCS Advocate.

Please remember, your union is the first and only line of defence against the attacks from this government. Together we are stronger and united we will win.

Tracy Boyce
Group organiser

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