2019 conference

Date and venue

The Home Office Group Conference will be held in Brighton on 20-21 May 2019. Conference Briefing No. 1 contains details relating to the conference timetable, Home Office Group elections, motions and conference delegate information,together with the relevant forms.

Conference Briefing No.2  and the below annexes contain information for conference delegates, trainee delegates and other attendees including forms for booking travel, accommodation and claiming conference expenses.

Annex A Accommodation Guide and Booking Form

Annex B Home Office Group Delegates Expenses Claim Form

Annex C Travel Information and Booking Form

Annex D Creche Information and Registration

Annex E PCS Expenses Policy and Guidance

Conference Briefing No.4 Elections at Home Office Group Conference

Group Annual Report

Home Office Group Annual Report 2018 

Group Accounts

Home Office Group 2018 Audited Accounts

Letter from PCS Auditors: 2018 Accounts

Conference Agenda and Record of Decisions

Standing Orders Committee Report No.1 (SOC1) - Conference Timetable, Agenda and Motions 2019

Standing Orders Committee Report No.2 (SOC2) - emergency motions, reference backs and timetable amendments 

Record of Decisions - Home Office Group Conference 2019

Group Elections

Nominating Branches Report - Group Executive Committee

Group Election Results

Group Election Results 2019

Additional Useful Documents

Other useful documents relating to 2019 Group conference will be published here.

Making Union Policy

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