Front Line Issue 1 2019

Welcome to the first digital Front Line, designed for members of the PCS Home Office Group including HMPO/DBS/GLAA to give you the latest news and tell you how you can get involved to help your representatives to best represent you.

In this issue:

National pay campaign
Group president James Cox details the outcome of the national ballot and the next steps in our pay campaign, as well as other challenges we face. Read more

DBS gets the vote out
Jordan David from DBS explains how DBS pulled out all the stops to get the vote out in Darlington and Liverpool. Read more

Conference review
Editor Malcolm Davey reviews group conference which took place in Brighton last month. Read more

Customs cutters
Andrew Smith from our South East branch reflects on his winning of our activist award. Read more

Personnel policy changes
vice president Pete Wright rounds up recent developments. Read more


Front Line welcomes contributions from all PCS members in our Home Office group. All articles and suggestions should be forwarded to commissioning editor Malcolm Davey -

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