Guide to Finding Help

Are you a member with a problem at work? 

Read our 3 step guide for getting support

If you have got a problem at work use these simple steps to start to get it resolved:
1.    Are you a PCS member working for the Home Office, Passport Office, Disclosure and Barring Service, Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority, Sopra Steria (HMPO contract), Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (DBS contract) or an agency worker employed within one of these organisations?
Yes: Go to point 2. 
No: PCS does not usually represent staff who are not members of our union at the time an issue/incident occurred.  
2.    Do you know who your local rep is?
Yes: Go to point 3.
No: Contact your branch secretary and Sopra Steria site reps or group office. They will tell provide you with contact details for your local PCS representative. Please have your membership or national insurance number to hand. Then go to point 3.
3.    Contact your local PCS representative without delay.  Your representative will usually arrange an initial meeting with you to discuss your problem and advise you on possible options to resolve it. Before the meeting, prepare all relevant emails, documents, etc. related to your case and think about what you want outcome you want. Ensure you have necessary details to complete a PC1 form at the initial meeting.
Important things to remember:
  • It remains your responsibility to ensure that grievances are raised in time in line with your employer’s policy and/or employment tribunal submissions are lodged within relevant deadline.
  • If you are subject to a disciplinary allegation you must contact your representative immediately for advice. Our reps are volunteers and juggle their union work with their official roles which means that if you leave it to the last minute to arrange representation they may not be available to assist you.
  • Your rep will advise you of the options open to you to progress your case. It is your decision whether you follow that advice or not. However, if you choose not to follow your rep’s advice then PCS reserves the right to withdraw representation for that particular issue.

Further information on the range of representation that PCS can provide can be found on our personal case and legal support pages

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