Home Office Errors in September and October Pay 2020

13 Nov 2020

Members have been contacting reps to advise that a number of errors have been made with September and October pay.

Members have been continuing to report to reps and GEC members that there have been a number of errors made in relation to tax, national insurance and pension contributions. Additionally, members have reported that allowances relating to G3-2 AAA have been incorrect resulting in an underpayment. This issue was raised by PCS with the reward team and they have responded that the errors have been investigated, and hopefully will be rectified along with payment of any arrears in the pay for November 2020 (paid 30 November 2020). Any further updates will be notified to members as soon as we receive them.

If you notice mistakes in your pay we recommend that you report the error to SSCL by email at HomeOfficeSSC@metis.homeoffice.gov.uk . Please note this is a different email address to that previously reported as SSCL issues are now reported through Metis.

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