Home Office People Pay Errors in September 2020 Pay

05 Oct 2020

Members have been contacting reps to advise that a number of errors have been made with September Pay.

Members have been reporting to reps and GEC members that there have been a number of errors made in relation to tax, national insurance and pension contributions. This issue has been raised by PCS with the reward team and they have assured us that the errors have been noted and are being investigated, and hopefully rectified as soon as possible. Any further updates will be notified to members as soon as we receive them.

If members notice that they have errors in their tax, NI or pension contributions, PCS recommends that members report the error to SSCL by email to hr-enquiries@ssc.homeoffice.gov.uk rather than phoning, as this close to pay day the phonelines are exceptionally busy and calls will take some time to be answered.

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