Home Office People Survey Boycott: Change Of Position Continues

14 Sep 2020

The group executive committee (GEC) has considered the position in relation to PCS members completing the staff survey.

The Home Office has issued communications to staff highlighting the launch of the 2020 people survey. Since 2011 the Home Office GEC has recommended to members that they do not complete the staff survey due to a number of issues experienced by members and PCS officials as a result of the staff survey, along with a lack of assurances from the survey managers.

At the 2016 Home Office conference, motion A16 was carried which allowed the GEC discretion to alter this position, if sufficient assurances were received, and actions taken to deal with the fundamental issues raised during the survey.

During the July meeting of the GEC, the members debated the issue of the People Survey. The majority of the committee acknowledged that the change of position taken during 2018 and 2019 had not had a detrimental effect on members and that PCS had been able to progress on a number of issues from people survey results. This includes amendments to BHD policy and positive work to prevent BHD. PCS Still acknowledge that there is a long way to go and hope to make further progress.

In light of the above, the GEC did not feel that we could go so far as to recommend completion of the survey, However, it was felt that members should be given discretion to make their own decision regarding the survey and if they chose to, complete the survey. The GEC is also conscious that there may be a number of issues that members may wish to highlight to reflect their experiences during the COVID 19 crisis.

As with the previous surveys, PCS will continue monitor conduct of the local leaders during the survey and will review the decision prior to the 2021 survey.

If you suffer any detriment as a result of completing or not completing the survey, the GEC would ask that you report it to your reps to feed back to the GEC to inform next steps in relation to our approach to the survey.

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