Shift Disturbance Allowance (STA) Further Errors In September And October Pay 2020

17 Nov 2020

Members in receipt of Legacy Allowances (specifically SDA) have reported ongoing problems with the payment of their SDA including the problems of premium payments not being paid, being paid at the wrong rate, or SDA itself being paid at the wrong rate for their grade.

PCS raised the issues centrally when we became aware of them.

On 13 November 2020 we received the following confirmation of identified issues for staff in receipt of SDA:

Shift Disturbance: Calculation error identified for part time staff in receipt of SDA which duplicated the part time adjustment. Calculation correction has been applied and correct payments, along with adjustments, will be made with November pay. SSCL will be issuing comms to those impacted within the next week or so.

Overtime SDA: Overtime payments not generated for premium rates. All other overtime rates paid correctly. There was a functional issue which did not generate the payments. This has now been rectified so there will be no future issues. Payments which should have been processed with October pay will be paid with November salaries.

Along with the issues identified above we received written confirmation that these issues would be resolved fully with November’s pay.

PCS has also flagged up that the above list does not seem to include errors with incorrect SDA percentages for their grade (e.g. Officers / IOs should be paid 16.5% SDA but in some cases have been paid 11.5% in October’s pay), and we await confirmation that this too can be addressed in November’s pay.

Once November’s payslips appear PCS recommends that members check that previous errors have been rectified, and if members notice that they have continuing (or even new) errors in their pay, PCS recommends, in the first instance, that members report the error to SSCL by email at 

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