How we beat the ballot threshold: R&C Cumbernauld

Branch secretary Wilma Wheatley says branch officers have gone through their contacts lists and personally messaged everyone they can.

“Our branch has just short of 900 members, from a potential of 1100, and about 25 reps.

We are focusing on speaking to members face to face, communicating through social media and sharing information we are getting from PCS.

Our social media is constantly updated with information, including the posts we share from PCS nationally.

Also our branch officers went through their contacts lists and personally messaged everyone they could, and asked them whether they have voted, mainly through Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

We’ve also been working with PCS Scotland, and we’ve been out together with the big banner.

There’s a big board outside the office which is covered with all the paraphernalia around the pay ballot and pushing people to vote.

The most important thing is the speaking to people, just getting out there and talking to people, which we do by standing outside. We are more restricted about speaking to people inside the office.

Using the app, I’m making a list of our non-voters and we’re going to go to them all individually. We’ll split them into areas, and the reps for those areas will speak to them.

We’ve got a full branch [committee] and the branch is all working really closely together. Other people have been coming forward too. This time around we also have four or five ordinary members who have been taking part in phone banking as well, which is really, really good as normally it would just be branch reps doing that.

I would like to get to at least a 75% turnout, then I will feel a bit more comfortable.”

[Shortly after this interview, according to the data gathered directly from members, the branch passed the 75% mark]

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