iMembership - for branches

This page for branches gives an overview of what is available.

  1. What branch information can I view?
  2. What reports are available?
  3. I'm a branch official but can't see the ‘For branches’ option?
  4. What details can I change?

What branch information can I view?

'For branches' brings together information about your branch. You can view and manage your committee, view information about workplaces and work units, and there are quick 'totals' of your membership.

In addition, the four main officers (chair, secretary, treasurer, organiser) have access to a range of reports about the branch's members and can also view details of who has the responsibility for updating the branch's information.

'For branches' displays on the main navigation panel of iMembership. It shows for all of the branch's representatives (provided, of course, that they are recorded as representatives in commix).

The first page that you’ll see is headed My branch and gives the name and code of the branch.

The 'For branches' section then has a further six pages each accessible through a tab at the top of each section page:

my committee

  • displays members of the branch's committee as they are recorded in the commix membership system;
  • where the branch's nominated officer can manage the committee, adding and removing members as appropriate.

my workplaces

  • displays the workplaces within the branch giving the code & name with links to further details and to any work units;
  • the details page shows the employer and branch the workplace is attached to alongside the workplace's postal address. There is also a list of distributors, workplace representatives,  health and safety reps and ULRs;
  • the details page also gives access to tools for you to move members between workplaces in the branch and to record distributors, workplace reps, health & safety reps and ULRs;
  • the work units page shows the list of work units attached to a workplace (displaying the name & code) and is where the nominated officer can create or amend work units.

my reports

  • this is where any of the four main officers (chair, secretary, treasurer, organiser) can access a range of reports about the branch's members. See below for more information.

my branch totals

  • at-a-glance your branch’s membership by employer, region, pay source, workplace;
  • the totals here are based on our monthly statistics package which takes a ‘snapshot’ of membership totals at the end of each calendar month, so these figures may be marginally different from those in the membership list reports which are produced every 24 hours.

my branch updates

  • shows a list of those holding any of the four main officer posts (chair, secretary, treasurer, organiser) and indicates which of them has the update capability (and thus can edit or change some branch records). By default it is set to the branch secretary although they can pass on responsibility through this page.


  • help and information about the whole section.

What reports are available?

My Reports displays as a tab in the For branches section of iMembership.

The option, though, only shows for the four main branch officers – chair, secretary, treasurer, organiser.

Reports can be viewed on screen or downloaded.

The reports are in pdf format which can be saved and printed. Some reports are in csv format which is the "raw" information that can be used in packages such as spreadsheets and databases.

Commix, though, can produce other reports that your branch may find useful. These are available from PCS offices.

Eight standard reports are available to branches in iMembership. Four deal with the branch’s membership, one is about invalid ballot addresses, two are concerned with lapsing, and two cover branch & workplace officials.

membership list
(produced every weekday)

including name, membership number, gender, date of joining, payroll number, UK parliamentary constituency, work unit. It’s broken down by workplace and shows the workplace’s address and UK parliamentary constituency;

young members
(produced every Friday)

is the same as the membership report but only covering those aged 27 or under;

equality information
(produced every Friday)

branch statistics on gender, ethnicity, disability and sexuality;

(produced every Saturday)

joiners and leavers, over the past month, including transfers in and out of the branch (showing the previous branch or the new branch);


(produced every weekday)

update - those who have missed two or three subscription payments, 
lapsed members - those we have lapsed;

invalid ballot address
(produced first Sunday of the month)

those branch members who have either an incomplete or no ballot address, or for whom we have had mail returned by Royal Mail;

branch and workplace officials

two reports - one for branch (produced every Wednesday) and one for workplaces (produced every Friday) - giving details of all reps.

I'm a branch official but can't see the ’For branches’ option.


If you are a branch official and, after logging-in, you can't see ‘For branches’ then that means that, centrally, we do not have you recorded as a branch official.

You should contact your branch in the first instance since your branch secretary (or another delegated officer) can update the branch committee details direct in iMembership.

Alternatively you can contact your group office or your regional office giving them full details (including branch code and your membership number).

See the contact page for more information.

'Officials' are the branch officers and members of the branch committee.

What details can I change?

Branches through the secretary or other delegated officer can:

  • manage the branch executive committee,
  • manage workplace based reps (distributor, health & safety rep, ULR, workplace rep),
  • move members between workplaces in the branch,
  • record density by recording potential membership against each workplace.

The membership records team maintain key PCS records and are responsible for:

  • individual member’s details,
  • PCS group, branch and workplace details,
  • payment of member’s subscriptions,
  • commix reports,
  • employer and paysource information.

They are responsible for entering and updating the various elements of these along with dealing with ballots, elections and the administration of annual delegate conference (ADC).

Information provided from Payroll “tapes” supplied by those Employers with whom PCS has agreed “check off” payment of PCS subscriptions only update members surnames, title and paysource code.

All other information needs to be supplied by individual members, their elected officials or from PCS bargaining unit and regional office staff and officials.

A number of forms have been produced, to make various changes on to the records PCS holds commix. Listed below are the forms which can be used to request these changes:

Available for download

Available from the membership department

  • Ballot address and death benefit nominee amendment.
  • Transfer between branches.
  • Cancellation of union subscriptions.
  • Application for refund of subscriptions.

All of these are intended to be used by members, staff and their representatives.

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