iMembership - for groups

Group organisers (GOs) have specific capabilities in iMembership. 

GOs have access to a range of reports about their group’s membership and its officials in branches and workplaces. There is also a report covering some organisational areas.

About the reports

While the specific content of each report will, of course, vary, the reports can be divided into two clear types:

  • reports that cover all of the group – termed ‘standard’ reports;
  • reports that cover specific branches within the group – termed ‘dynamic’ reports.

‘Standard’ reports

  • cover all of the group;

  • are generated in commix automatically mostly on a weekly basis;

  • are available whenever you log-in to iMembership;

  • are accurate up to the point they were generated;

‘Dynamic’ reports

  • recognise that group organisers will often want reports about specific branches rather than the group as a whole;

  • are only generated as requested;

  • requests are passed direct to the main commix system and queued alongside all other report requests;

  • when the report has been generated it’s returned to your iMembership pages;

  • are accurate at they point they were generated;

  • give the information at that point in time.

The reports available

The reports available to group organisers are:

Reports about membership

  • membership list;
  • branch totals;
  • workplace totals;
  • young members by branch;
  • group equality information;

Reports about representatives

  • directory: listing of all branch officials in each branch;
  • directory: listing of four main branch officials in each branch;
  • directory: listing of workplace officials in each branch;
  • directory: listing of workplace officials and Work Units in each branch;

Report about organisation

  • directory: listing of workplaces in each branch;

The reports, especially the ‘standard’ reports, could be very lengthy, in some cases running to hundreds, indeed over a thousand, pages.

When accessing the reports you are strongly advised to download the report to your own system, rather than opening it on-screen, and opening it in your own system before deciding whether or not to send it to print.

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