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We have produced a series of 'how-to' sheets, mainly for branches, giving some background to and instructions on various tasks within iMembership.

Outlined below is a short description of each sheet's topic with a link to download the sheet.  

There is a sheet on amending your ballot address that is aimed at all members.

 iMembership info sheet - amending your ballot address 

Workplaces and work units

Workplaces are a key building block in the union's structure and having members in the right workplace is key for our distribution system.

Work units are intended to help branches further sub-divide workplaces into smaller organisational units where they feel this is useful.

 iMembership info sheet - workplaces and work units

Email and texting

As you would expect of an organisation of our size and level of activity, we continually look for the most effective ways to communicate with both our members and our activists.

We want to have the maximum flexibility when it comes to emailing and to texting. While there are cost savings this is not the only objective: a real driving force is ensuring we can communicate quickly, simply and effectively especially in times of severe cuts and threats.

 iMembership info sheet - email and mobile (activists)

 iMembership info sheet - email and mobile (members)


Having up-to-date and accurate equality information on members and reps is essential if the union is to understand its current membership profile, and to develop strategies for overcoming problems.

Using equality data can be done on a practical level - identifying target groups for mailings, knowing where our data is scarce (or non existent) - or on a strategic level - pinpointing areas of concern, comparing our profile with that of the employer or local community.

  iMembership info sheet - equality

Branch committee

Managing your branch committee through iMembership is quick and simple. Ensuring your branch officers and BEC are recorded on commix is a key task, especially after your AGM.

  iMembership info sheet - branch committee 


Focusing on membership density is essential in building our strength and diversity. It helps identify areas of weakness and strength. But it can be the most difficult information to gather.  It may sound difficult but by working hard and applying basic core organising principles achieving 80 per cent+ membership density, is something that can be achieved.

  iMembership info sheet - density 


In our communications network local Distributors are absolutely vital.

Distributor has a unique feature from every other position available within commix. This is because Distributors are the recipients of materials intended for members in the workplace’

  iMembership info sheet - distributors 

Invalid ballot addresses

Through iMembership branch officers can access a report that shows those members of the branch who either have no ballot address or an incomplete one, or for whom we’ve had mail returned by Royal Mail. Our union relies on branches to help keep our records up-to-date.

  iMembership info sheet - invalid ballot address 

Moving members

Keeping track of staff movements around an organisation - and thus which workplaces our members are in - can be never-ending. Yet its importance is undeniable. You want to locate your members and we need to know quantities for materials to send you.

  iMembership info sheet - move members 

Workplace reps

Local workplace representatives are the union’s ‘voice in every workplace’. They are dealing every day with members and seeking to recruit new members. Recording workplace reps and keeping records up-to-date helps ensure that those reps receive relevant information and materials to assist them in their roles.

  iMembership info sheet - workplace reps 

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