iMembership - presentation for committees, training events and forums

We have produced a Powerpoint presentation that demonstrates the functions/features of iMembership.

It's divided into the three common levels showing what is available to: -

  1. All members;
  2. All branch officials;
  3. The four main Branch Officers.

The presentation is intended to be delivered by any officer with a reasonable understanding of iMembership and our records systems generally. The individual slides contain both key points and a 'script' to aid in its delivery. Please save the file to your system and print as "notes pages" to use these.

We want all parts of PCS, whose members and Branch Officials have routine access to the internet, to utilise iMembership as much as possible. This will help us collect and validate information about our members and structures.

We hope that Group Executives, Regional Committees and any other interested PCS body will want to promote the use of iMembership.

The central organising team (contact can also help in discussing your area’s requirement and any support you may need.

 iMembership - Presentation for committees, training events and forums (5.3MB)

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