Introducing the MoJ model of functional leadership

In October, 2016 the decision to move towards a functional leadership model was announced. Functional leadership is an organisational model designed to take a function which has teams across the various parts of the MoJ family and bring these together into one structure organised around roles rather than business units.

The MoJ rationale for the change was to join up corporate and professional services, remove duplication, free up agencies to focus on operational delivery, and provide greater opportunity for career progression across the function by bringing staff in similar roles together.

Eight functions were identified as being in scope for the move to functional leadership:

  • Analytical services
  • Commercial
  • Communications and information
  • Digital and technology
  • Estates
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Project delivery.

The first step in implementing a functional leadership model took place on 1 November 2016 with a change in line management for staff in communications, digital and finance from NOMS, LAA, OPG and CICA to MoJ.

The second step was the formal transfer of staff from HMPPS (then NOMS) and other areas to MoJ with effect from 1 April 2017.

There are currently discussions on transferring HMPPS HR case workers to MoJ.

Terms and conditions
Staff not on MoJ terms and conditions did not move to these as a result of functional leadership. There has to be an exercise where staff are given the opportunity to ‘opt in’. HMPPS staff were moved under COSOP, the process which is the internal government version of TUPE. This protects the terms and conditions of the staff moving. HMPPS finance staff, for instance, remain subject to the HMPPS performance management process until they have opted in to MoJ terms and conditions. Staff also remain eligible for contractual pay progression payments.

PCS is supporting members by working with the employer to ensure clarity in communications over terms and pay, and will provide advice and support to members where necessary. Transfers into MoJ from HMPPS have been done under COSOP rules which means terms and conditions are retained until those staff choose to opt in to MoJ terms. There needs to be an opt in exercise to move staff from one set of terms to another. Where people choose to remain on their existing terms MoJ will have to honour contractual pay progression and we are making sure this happens. Please contact your local rep with any queries. We are keeping a list of all such queries and will ensure they are answered.

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