Why members joined PCS

PCS members have shared why they joined our union.

James from the Department for Work and Pensions said he couldn't afford not to join.

"When a group of us had the PCS induction during our training just over two years ago it was clear we couldn't afford not to join - for one thing, we were all meant to only be on a 12-month fixed term contract. I filled in a membership form straight away, and since then, through getting involved in PCS and becoming a rep, I've seen the value of a union that fights for all its members and has the backing of most of the workforce. I don't regret becoming a rep at all, and would urge anyone to get involved any way they can."

For Linda, who works for the MOD, it's about helping others.

"I thought it was good idea to join at the beginning. Now I see my position as paying something back for the help I have received in the past."

Helen, who works in the justice sector, joined for security at work.

"I know I have a team behind me, should I ever require it."

Civil service apprentice Lisa, who also works for the DWP, said being a PCS member has helped her hugely. 

"While I was still a relatively new employee at DWP, my managers decided the team I was working in was relocating to Leeds and I had to move there too. I couldn’t make this move because of personal and financial issues, meaning I had nowhere to go and faced the risk of losing my job," she said. "I needed to know my rights and the union helped me massively with this. The union got involved with the case and eventually, the decision was overturned and I was allowed to stay with the department and I didn’t need to relocate. Without the union's help on this matter, there is no way I would still be working for DWP.” 

Member Megan values the protection membership offers at work.

"It is always good to have someone on your side, and that's what the union offers me."

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Updated 29 March 2017

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