CPS Conference 2018


Annual Report 2017

Please see the PCS CPS Group's Annual Report 2017 which summaries all the main activities of the group over 2017. 


GEC Election Booklet 

Please see the GEC Election Booklet for 2018 before you cast your vote. 


Standing Orders Committee Report No. 1 

Please see the SOC 1 - Timetable and Agenda for PCS CPS Group Conference 2018.


Conference Briefing No.2 

Please see 2018 Conference Briefing No.2 and related forms. 

Form 1 - Accommodation Booking Form 2018

Form 2 - CPS Group Conference Expenses Form 2018

Form 3 - PCS Expenses Policy and Guidance 2018

Form 4 - RedfernTravel Booking Form 2018

Form 5 - Creche Booking Form 2018


Conference Briefing No.1 

Please see 2018 Conference Briefing No.1 and related appendices

Annex A - CPS Group Elections Regulations 2018

Annex B - CPA Group Constitution January 2016

Annex C - GEC & SOC nomination form

Annex D - Motions form

Annex E - Motions online guidance

Annex F - Emergency Motion form

Annex G - Reference Back

Annex H - Notification of Delegate(s)

Annex I - Notification of Trainee Delegates & Observers

Annex J - Group Block Vote Regulations 2018


CPS Conference 2017


Annual report

The group's annual report for 2016 summarises all the main activities of the group over that year and was formally adopted at 2017 group conference.

Group elections

The results of the group elections are available here.

Standing Orders Committee report no. 1

This report contains the motions that were debated at conference 2017.

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