2018 MoJ Group Conference


Please see MoJ SOC 1.


Please see 2018 Conference Briefing No.1 and related appendices.

Annex A - Elections Regulations 2018 INCLUDING Candidate Profile & Acceptance

Annex B - GEC, SOC, Editorial Board, Auditor nomination form

Annex C - Motions Form

Annex D - Emergency Motions Form

Annex E - Reference Back Form

Annex F - Delegate Nomination Form

Annex G - Notification of Trainee Delegate Form

Annex H - Observer Credential Request Form

Annex I - Online Motions Guidance

Annex J - Group Constitution

Annex K - Group Block Vote Regs

Annex L - Group Election Timetable 2018


2018 MoJ Group Conference

Please see MOJ Group Annual Report 2017

MOJ Group Conference 2018 - Record of Decision


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