“Learning is a ‘core tradition’ of trade unions. We have always accepted that people should be able should be develop themselves, to have access to learning and education to help them to develop their careers. The fact that PCS is in the forefront in taking these issues seriously makes me proud”

Mark Serwotka

Within the MoJ individuals have to identify their own learning and development goals and take ownership of them. As a group we are building a network of Union Learning Reps who will support the learning needs of members at a local level. ULRs offer members confidential guidance on work based training and personal development learning, can sign post members to learning providers, and work with branches to address collective learning and training issues.

Nationally PCS has a Union Learning Fund (ULF) Project which aims to improve members access to learning opportunities by supporting branches to recruit ULRs and embed the learning and skills agenda into branch structures. Each PCS Regional office has a Learning Organiser who can support local branches and individual ULRs. PCS Law & Justice has a full-time Learning Officer who is responsible for supporting group negotiations around national Learning & Skills agendas, learning agreement and skills strategies.

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