General Federation of Trade Unions

MoJ Group is an associated member of the ‘General Federation of Trade Unions’. This entitles all reps, and any members within MoJ who wish to become active in the union, to attend courses run by GFTU through the Educational Trust.

Training of activists and members has been a central part of GFTU proud historic record in education. The Federation has been running training courses since 1955 and continues to deepen and strengthen its vital role in this area of trade union work as the current course program shows. Even though PCS provide our own training program the education provision of GFTU is an essential part of an integrated training program.

Courses ranges from generic to customised courses run as one day seminars, weekend or one-week courses. Most courses are fully accredited and the Trust works closely with a number of partner organisations such as Northern College and Ruskin College. The Trust also has a series of grants and scholarships to assist on a number of specialized courses. Courses range from basic introductory up to full-time degree level.

Visit the GFTU site for more information.

All applications are subject to authorisation from the MoJ group secretary.

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