PCS Campaigning and Organising in MoJ

MOJ GEC Votes Yes

In May 2016 PCS members voted overwhelmingly to reject enforced redundancies, compulsory relocations, outsourcing of their work and for fair and equal pay. Nearly 3500 members participated and of these 3234 voted in favour and 19 against.

The ballot involved a significant amount or organising activity which has increased our membership levels and numbers of representatives.

Fundamentally it enables PCS to press home members' concerns with MoJ in a forceful manner.

Redundancies and dismissals

The possible alterations to the redundancy scheme (the Civil Service Compensation Scheme) will make it cheaper to let staff go. The group fully supports the national campaign, but our main objective must be to avoid redundancies altogether. We have sought a no compulsory redundancy agreement over and above the safeguards already in place.

Too many members are being forced to leave through draconian attendance management regimes. PCS has issued guidance particularly for members with protected characteristics ensuring that the processes and outcomes are challenged at every opportunity.

Compulsory relocations

This is a real issue for members in closing courts, where some members are currently expected to travel beyond reasonable travel distances and with inadequate longer term financial recompense.

Additionally as work is relocated from London into regional hubs more members could be in a similar situation. We have sought early negotiations to safeguard these members.


This is never too far away. We will always seek to bring back work in house and ensure that prison reform and devolution of justice does not result in outsourcing. We have developed campaigns to oppose all outsourcing and to bring work back in house.

For fair and equal pay

The performance management system is discriminatory and cannot be used to determine members pay rates. Members need and want consolidated pay.

Moreover members across the MoJ work at the same grade level on significantly different pay rates. Within HMCTS members sitting next to each other doing the same jobs receive different pay rates. This is both unfair and unequal.

Members must be paid for additional hours worked and properly if they are expected to operate in insecure areas.

Our pay claims deal with these issues and members will be consulted on the outcome of negotiations.

Digital by design and default

It is clear across the justice areas that many of the changes and cuts in staffing are being driven by digitisation. PCS is not opposed to change but there must be something in it for the employees including extra pay and a commitment on working hours. These issues will be covered in our approach to your employers.


We will keep members involved and informed on all developments. We as always do look for more reps so PCS can improve and involve more employees in the MoJ. Should you be interested in becoming a PCS advocate please email midsbargaining@pcs.org.uk.

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