Pay in NOMS is complicated, with different arrangements being entangled.

Firstly we have the Prison Service Pay Review Body (PRB). The PRB covers prison officer grades and operational managers. PCS have recognition rights for operational managers (former governors) and we submit evidence and also meet the PRB.

Although separate pay meetings are held with NOMS covering non-operational managers, it is of course inevitable that the outcome of the PRB encapsulates non-operational managers, as even NOMS could not have two separate pay settlements for staff within the same grade. Also following the Equal Pay settlement in 2000, pay for administrative officers, personal secretaries, executive officers and senior personal secretaries are linked to the pay increases for prison officer grades under a legally binding formula known as Annex 5. This only leaves around 15% of PCS members whose pay is not directly linked to the PRB outcome, and in reality these pay discussions can only have one outcome; the PRB award.

This complex web is further entangled with Fair and Sustainable, as the F&S grades from April 2012 are all covered by the PRB, including PCS posts at all levels.

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