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This section contains contact details for PCS in HMPPS branch.

All branch officers spend half their time doing an official job and half their time on union duties. Branch committee members have a minimum number of days allocated which can be increased to a maximum of 50% of their time according to workload.

If you have a local PCS representative in your workplace please make them your first point of contact.

If your local PCS representative isn’t available or there isn’t any pcs presence at your workplace at the moment please contact  We aim to respond within 48 hours.

Branch Chair

Kevin Newton

Branch Secretary/Treasurer

Dave Kirby

Branch Vice Chair

Jagtar Singh-Dhindsa (& Functional Mailbox)

Branch Organiser/Membership Officer

Dave Vickers


HMPPS Branch Office, Administrative Support

Full Time Officer (FTO) Adam Verinder –

Tel: 01216 434 342


Assistant Branch Secretaries:

Adam Wissen – Admin/Omic

Fari Taherinia – Admin Lead –  (SPCO) - Eastern

Gary Smith – Wellbeing Lead

Gianni Passaseo – Learning & Development/ULR

Peter Kenyon Brodie – H&S Lead

Nigel Wharrier -HR/ Equality Lead - Covid -19 (SPOC)

Tel PCS Office 01777 862067

Scott Swabey – Operations Lead NPIOG Secretary

Tel PCS Office 01603 708860

Teresa Turner – Learning & Development/ULR


BEC Committee Members:

Daniel Roberts - (SPCO) Midlands

Gethin Jones – (SPCO) Wales

Ginnette Gantshuck Women’s Officer (BWAC)

Francesco Cavaliere – (SPCO) Headquarters

Jeff James – (SPCO) North West

John Kitchener 

John White – Assistant Personal Case Officer (APCO) HQ

Joanne George-Williams – (APCO) – HQ

Kevin Mose – (SPCO) – South East

Luke Rybicki – (APCO) - Midlands

Paul Muntzer – (APCO) – South East

Peter Thorpe – (APCO) – Midlands

Sara Healer – (APCO) – North East

Scott Zysiak-Tobin – (APCO) – North West

Sue Webb – (BWAC) – (APCO) Eastern

William White – (SPCO) – South West


Senior Personal Case Officer -SPCO

Assistant Personal Case Officer - APCO

Single Point Of Contact – SPOC

Branch Womens Advisory Council (BWAC)

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