Report from the NPIOG Forum

Report from the annual NPIOG forum which was held on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 February 2016 at PCS Birmingham.

This year the topics were:

  • Instructors' Toolkit
  • Managers' Toolkit
  • New Instructor induction training course
  • PSPI review of Industries and
  • NTS 21/2014 Instructors New Way Of Working (NWOW)
  • ICAS/my detail

Workshops were held to gauge opinion and help decide the way forward.

All of the Friday afternoon session was dedicated to managers' and instructors' toolkits. The chair and secretary both explained that during meetings with the acting head of Public Sector Prison Industries, they had proposed that managers' and instructors' toolkist should be developed to enable new members of staff in these two roles to gain a greater understanding of the job that was expected of them.

Forum members undertook a group exercise designed to provide information on what Instructors thought should be included in both of the toolkits. The information gained from this forum was taken away by the chair and we are hoping it will be incorporated into our toolkits to be presented to PSPI senior managers.

On Saturday morning, one of our delegates presented a new instructors' induction training course that they had developed, and were now running for new instructors within the east midlands area. The course had been very well received and he was planning to run another course sometime in March or April.

The remainder of Saturday’s session was based around current issues of concern within our group:

PCS’s request that PSPI reissue Notice to Staff 21/2014 (NWOW) and that governors are reminded that this is not an optional notice and they would have to comply.

Indications from PSPI are that they are willing to reissue the notice but as of yet nothing has happened.

The chair and secretary gave assurances that they will be continuing top push at this at all future meetings.

The forum also debated the use of ICAS/my detail which is for IO’s and managers to better organise staff leave using an automated system

It became very apparent from the discussions that very few establishments are using ICAS, and those that do are not implementing it correctly.

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