Recruiting union learning reps

The learning and skills agenda is a priority within the justice sector and ULRs play a key role in empowering members to identify and address their learning and skills needs.

The ideal time to recruit ULRs is at local AGMs, however it is important that members know about the role and know what support they will be given. This information needs to be circulated prior to asking for nominations.

Workplace leaflets have been produced to encourage members to actively participate in their branch by either becoming a ULR or by using the services of a ULR.

ULRs are there to offer information and guidance on learning and training opportunities. These can include helping members to: refresh their numeracy and literacy skills, assisting with identifying training opportunities or simply signposting members to local course where they can gain new skills or hobbies.

Once a member’s nomination has been accepted by the branch then a notification form must be filled in, contact PCS Learning ( for a copy.  One copy of this is given to the branch organiser or secretary so they can update commix. 

A second copy is sent to the local regional office so they can add the details ULRs details to contact list. 

As per the ACAS code, management need to be informed in writing of a ULRs appointment and ULRs need to undertake their training within 6 months.  You can request the relevant forms from PCS Learning (

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