HMPPS - Attendance Management

PCS continue to receive enquiries from members who are falling foul of this policy which was implemented by NOMS earlier this year.

Unfortunately PCS’s concerns on the removal of the exemptions for staff with absences covered either under the Equality Act or clinically diagnosed as a Serious Underlying Medical Condition have it would seem be justified. Suffice to say PCS and all our sister unions remain fundamentally opposed to this draconian policy which has been correctly termed as a “sackers charter “in those government departments where this has already been implemented.

The PSI clearly states that a manager can use his /her discretion in whether or not to issue a written warning, it is completely unacceptable to PCS that we are hearing that managers are having their decisions overruled or being advised they must issue the warning.

PCS believes that the Chief Executive’s letter of 21 February 2017 which refers to further guidance that will “not be to the detriment of staff who have suffered genuine illness and need help and support to regain full health and return to work”, supports our view.

 Whilst PCS will be constructively engaging the employer on this piece of work we are still firmly of the opinion that the CSEP policy is discriminatory, oppressive and unfit for purpose and will continue to campaign for an attendance management policy that is fair and crucially has the confidence of staff. If you feel you or your line manager have been unjustly treated under this new PSI please contact your PCS representative or email



Flexible Operating Hours Pilots

24 Aug 2017

PCS were advised in February 2017 that HMCTS intended to launch a number of flexible operating hours’ pilots in Crown Courts, Magistrates’ Courts and the Civil and Family Courts commencing in May 2017 and lasting for approximately 6 months. Commencement of the pilots was put on hold pending the outcome of the general election. We understand that HMCTS are seeking to start pilots shortly.

Pilot locations have been identified in London (Blackfriars Crown Court, Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court and Brentford County Court) and the North East (Newcastle Crown Court, Sheffield Magistrates’ Court and Manchester Civil Justice Centre.

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