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HMCTS - Safe working in the criminal digital courtrooms

03 May 2019

Since HMCTS first raised the concept of computer use in the court room, long before Libra, DMU, Crest and Exhibit were introduced, PCS has raised and continues to raise concerns regarding HMCTS meeting its obligations in relation to ensuring our members can work safely in courtrooms.

The area in court rooms where legal advisers, court associates and court clerks sit was designed to be a bench rather than a work station. It was also designed well before the introduction of video/virtual hearings.  The court room environment brings significant risks that do not exist in the office environment, all of which must be considered and addressed in the risk assessment process.

HMCTS Reform - Members' update

14 Mar 2019

Members have raised a series of concerns arising from the HMCTS reform programme. These include promises about keeping existing working patterns not being honoured, new work streams not yet on track and staff continuing to be engaged on legacy work, unresolved complaints about the mapping and matching one to one process and job security for staff in a number of locations.

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