CPS: Update following announcement on expected accelerated return to workplaces

31 Jul 2020

We have received an increasing number of queries following the announcement from the Prime Minister urging people to return to work and the subsequent message that the civil service must commence plans to ensure immediate returns to workplaces.

We recognise the stress, anxiety and alarm that this has caused for CPS members. We met with employer representatives and can confirm that there is no planned changes to the published positon as follows:

  • There are no plans to ask anyone to return to CPS workplaces before 1 September
  • Work is underway to ensure that all workplaces are Covid-19 secure before any wider return
  • When workplaces are Covid-19 secure and a wider return is implemented it will be done on a reduced capacity to ensure safety requirements are met
  • All workplaces will have a union agreed risk assessment.

CPS Support our 5 tests

We put the national PCS 5 keys tests to employer representatives and we are pleased that the CPS have agreed that these tests are “very much aligned to the approach the Department is taking” and is committed to continuing to work collaboratively with us using these principles. The 5 tests will ensure that any return to workplaces are only expected when safety can be guaranteed.

Consultation on departmental plans for wider return to workplaces is ongoing and we will continue to provide regular updates.

We acknowledge that some members have had to continue to attend the workplace throughout the pandemic and the lockdown period and recognise that this has been challenging. We’ve negotiated allowances and improvements including increased provision to travel and subsistence payments, workplace risk assessments and an agreed set of court deployment principles; all of which ensure the safety of our members.

An all members Zoom meeting is being held on Tuesday 4 August, 12:30pm – 13:30pm. It has been agreed that this meeting can take place in operational time. To register email:  PCS.Reps@cps.gov.uk.

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