HMCTS: PCS Advice – Accepting a CTSC Role

10 Dec 2018

Members are now receiving the outcomes of expressions of interest exercise and are being asked to make a decision by 11 December.

The following is general advice. If there are specific individual concerns these should be raised with your local rep who will if necessary put you in touch with one of the HMCTS Reform Sub-Committee who should be able to give you more tailored advice as to your options. Or you can email if you don’t have a rep in your office.

Points to Consider

First consideration is that if your reluctance to take on the new role stems from the working patterns and possible changes to terms and conditions then please note that this situation has changed as a consequence of the dispute resolution process (DPR) between PCS and HMCTS.

All HMCTS staff can now take up roles in CTSCs on your current terms and working arrangements whether you were directly impacted or expressing an interest. If you want to be rostered to work a shift within the 8 -to 8 Monday to Friday working pattern you can do so with no obligation to work Saturdays. If, however you want to work Five Days over Six with a maximum commitment to work six Saturdays in the year you can and will receive Saturday Premium for doing so.

This arrangement will exist for the period of the Working Hours Pilot (between 6-12 months) and for a period of review and negotiation following the pilot. This will only change if this is overtaken by a Pay or other negotiations that will affect all staff. No one undertaking the new working arrangements will be considered to have permanently changed their terms and conditions.

If you felt pressured to apply for a role and are longer interested in working in a CTSC you can decline the offer and carry on in your existing role. Though your current role may be affected by Reform later in the programme.

If you are directly affected by the setting up of the CTSCs you may be entitled to a trial period these are usually for a minimum period of a month up to maximum of three months.

If you are really interested in working in the CTSCS and are happy to work in the new arrangements with the protections won then hopefully it will be an easy decision for you.

If you are still uncertain what to do then –

Don’t Panic

Check – am I entitled to a trial period - what happens at the end of the trial period? – consider whether you want to proceed on that basis.

Get Advice – from your local union rep in the first instance.

Walk Away – if after receiving specific advice and further consideration you don’t want to accept the offer of a role in a CTSC then you can decline it. HMCTS have been clear that they know this type of work is not for everybody. There will be no comeback on anyone who declines an offer.

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