HMPPS - NTUS HR & Equalities Sub Whitley

07 Aug 2017

PCS along with national trade union side colleagues met with HR policy leads for this quarterly HR Whitley meeting (these are regular formal consultative meetings between workers and employers).


Staff moves from Clive House
Further to the commitment received for extended pay protection, PCS is now seeking agreement on establishing a set of standards on the handling of these and all future moves in order to minimise the impact on members. We received a commitment from HMPPS to explore and consult further on this.

Performance management
There is little evidence that the CIPD intervention pilot has had any impact on "quality conversations" between managers and staff and NTUS requested sight of CIPD evaluations. Policy leads agreed to share reports with us in August.

Attendance management
NTUS has received back the amended guidance notes for this policy and will meet again to review these. NTUS further asked for outcomes of the 6-month review which was promised, in order to assess the effectiveness of the policy which was implemented in January this year. We're advised that this has been delayed as any data is not yet available.

Civil service resourcing
There are a large amount of staff on temporary advancement and NTUS expressed concern that these could be hiding posts that could be filled substantively by surplus staff.

We raised our concern at the excessive use of temporary advancement and asked for reasons why these cannot be filled substantively. Members advise us that governors are cherry picking individuals rather than inviting expressions of interest which is decreasing advancement opportunities, affecting morale, motivation and subsequent retention of experienced staff. We have reported these concerns and HMPPS agreed to make enquiries.

Right to request flexible working
We reminded that we still need a new policy and guidance for staff on this and raised our significant concerns regarding design of the new SOP forms. These are not fit for purpose and don't meet statutory requirements. HMPPS agreed to look into this.

An implementation plan is being developed to deregulate out of date HR policies. NTUS recommended a single document for all contractual elements. Further meetings are expected.

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