HMPPS - Rory Stewart Announcement

20 Aug 2018

PCS calls for investment in staff for safer, rehabilitation focused prisons.


Reacting to today’s announcement of £10 million extra to be targeted at 10 prisons to help deal with the influx of drugs, mobile phones and increasing violence, PCS calls for this investment to be matched with investment in staff.

HMPPS Branch Chair Dave Vickers said ‘This sum is a drop in the ocean, investment is badly needed in all prisons across England and Wales to help combat drugs and violence.  You will be hard pressed to find a prison where these are not a serious issue.  ’

‘As well as investing in equipment and technology, the Government must invest in prison staff to increase numbers and salaries to attract and retain the next generation, not to mention rewarding their existing loyal and hardworking  staff.  This year the Secretary of State failed to even fully implement the Pay Review Body’s Recommendations to give staff a 2.75% rise.  It is these staff who will help prisoners turn their lives around’

‘Rory Stewart’s eye-catching pledge to resign if prisons haven’t improved within a year will be met with a shrug from most HMPPS staff for whom instability and short terms fixes have long been the norm in their working lives’

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